Future le Femme in Pipeline for F1?

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AMT Mach I Mustang WIP

Hi guys,

Well, having just completed that "Heavy Metal Mustang" MPC Boss 351, I thought that, having the flaws and corrections fresh in my mind, that I'd give a second, more colorful Mach I a build! I've chosen the AMT '71 Mustang for this kit, which is really just a re-pop of the old MPC kit, and, unfortunately,  just as inaccurate and challenging!

I'm not going to go bonkers trying to accurize it completely, but at least the interior is pretty close for a '71 Mach I…..I think? Anyway, it looks correct, with the wooden side panels and whatnot.

First thing is to take care of that darned front end. In the following photos, the TOP shows the CORRECTED piece; in the BOTTOM the KIT Piece AS IS. You'll be able to get some idea of the amount of sanding, drilling, filing and Dremeling that I did to get a more-correct shape. It's been reduced in size, and the bottom piece bored out and side reflectors installed and braces also put in.

See how the kit piece is one-piece? Yuck…oh yeah–the pieces are upside-down, just to clarify.

You can see the braces and reflectors put in from behind here….

The license plate area was cut out and sanded to shape….from the bottom view


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